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Through working with the brightest teachers the city has to offer, we have built a reputation for providing personable tutors in New York City who are masters of their craft. As teachers ourselves, we know that great tutoring means not only understanding the material,  but the pedagogy and the student as well. Of course, all of our tutors are also graduates from the country's best universities, each holding a Master's degree, and like-able individuals with whom we ourselves and our students want to spend time.

In the words of Nancy, a Spence mom: "Our tutor was intelligent, responsible, and extremely well-versed in the subject matter...My daughter thoroughly enjoyed working with her tutor...and she scored a perfect 800 on her SAT II!

We are also proud to have partnered with Columbia University  to provide SAT tutoring, SAT Subject Test Tutoring and Writing tutoring to the Columbia Pre-College Program for gifted international students.

Why? Our standard is to provide the very best tutoring in New York City.

Our tutors come to your home or office and our tutors work at a schedule of your choosing. We provide tutoring in the following areas:

Academic and Homework Help (including algebra through calculus, chemistry, physics, biology and writing),  SHSAT tutoring, ISEE tutoring, SAT Tutoring, SAT Subject Tutoring,  AP Test tutoring, Wilson Tutoring, Orton-Gillingham Tutoring, GRE and LSAT tutoring, Statistics tutoring and more.

Academic Tutoring
Our academic tutors are experienced classroom teachers, so we know that students often need more than simply material knowledge. We have experience focussing on organization, learning disabilities, emotional frustration, or lack of interest. Whether students are learning to read or mastering calculus, we offer them a full array of research-based strategies and the patient support to help them achieve their best.

SHSAT Tutoring, ISEE Tutoring, & SSAT Tutoring
Earning admission into a top NYC high school is likely to be one of the most competitive endeavors of any student's life. Every year, 20,000 students take the SHSAT, and 2,000 receive placements in top NYC high schools. The good news: it is possible to study for the SHSAT, the ISEE, the SSAT and the Hunter Test. Each exam tests teachable math, grammar and logic skills.

SAT Tutoring
It's possible to study for the SAT by doing more than learning test-taking tips. Unlike the massive test-prep companies, we go beyond teaching cookie-cutter strategies for guessing the right answer, we teach the math, grammar, writing and vocab knowledge needed to know which answers are correct. That's how we have raised scores by more than 300 points!

Wilson Tutoring and Orton Gillingham Tutoring
Our special needs tutors are trained in balanced literacy approaches, Orton Gillingham Mulit-Sensory education tutoring, Wilson tutoring, Reading Intervention, ESL, and other approaches. We have experience working with students who have been diagnosed with dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, dyscalculia, autism, emergent reading difficulties and other special needs.

Math Tutoring
Central Park Tutors offers our students an exceptional math tutoring program in NYC, We specialize in all forms of math tutoring and have a great Calculus Tutoring program available to NYC students.

LSAT Tutoring
Central Park Tutors is proud to have partnered with LSAT Master Teacher Gilly Nadel, one of the most qualified LSAT tutors in New York City. To read about her and our LSAT program, click "LSAT Tutoring" above.

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What People Are Saying

Thank you so much for your help on the ISEE! Harry got into Horace Mann and we are very exicted. Stephen was a great help.

Horace Mann Father, Manhattan, New York


Dear Mike, Marvin was a very great tutor. More than that, he is a great man. Thank you for sending him.

New York City

Dear Mike, This is Victor, I just got my results for the shsat. I got a 574, and I made it into STUYVESANT! Thank you for your help, I think you were an important part to understanding the material in the test. My mom said we'll hook up with you for the SAT's!

Brooklyn, NY